Friday, 8 June 2012

My dressmaking and weightloss summer.

This summer I am going to be attempting to make myself some dresses from the patterns I got from the Jane Austen Centre. I measured myself and I realized that I desperately need to loose some weight. I haven't got a clue of how to do it. I've tried before and failed many times but if I want to make my dream dress then I am going to have to.
I've always had an idea of this dress and what it should look like but I am not a artist so description will have to do.
It should be emerald green, with white lace trimming and of course modeled after the regency style. I want to go to the masked ball at the Jane Austen Festival this year and I have 3 months to try and get into the dress as well as make it while writing my fanfiction and doing all the other things that come my way.
Will I do it and will my dress come out as I want it. We will see.

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